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Leadership & Management Wales (LMW) is a unique centre for excellence, funded by government to benefit businesses of all sizes and sectors across Wales.

LMW was formed to support businesses in developing their leadership and management development (LMD) skills, enabling them to increase efficiency and help grow the economy in Wales.

It is funded by the European Social Fund and the Welsh Government, which also sponsors the project.

Our vision

To create an environment where every business in Wales is aware of, understands, engages with and can benefit from leadership and management development (LMD).

As a pan Wales initiative, we deliver unrivalled research insight and hands-on business experience.

We provide a level of geographic coverage which ensures comprehensive knowledge and understanding of LMD activity, including regional distinctions, across the country.

We will achieve our vision through four aims:

  • Raising awareness of the benefits of LMD, explaining and promoting LMD in ways which are appropriate and meaningful to businesses and stakeholders in Wales;
  • Positioning LMW as Wales’ destination of choice for all LMD information and resource;
  • Providing evidence of the impact of LMD on individual businesses;
  • Making the LMD in Wales the best it can be.


Why develop leadership and management skills?

Cardiff Office

Leadership & Management Wales Ocean Park House East Tyndall Street Cardiff CF24 5ET

T: 02920 474055

E: info@lmw.org.uk

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Leadership & Management Wales (LMW) is the centre for excellence for leadership and management skills for private sector businesses in Wales. It is part funded by the European Social Fund delivered through the Welsh Government.