The world of learning is changing and the LMW Hub offers an exciting new ingredient to the blended learning mix. Did you know that 80% of your employees will turn to Google for solutions to management problems? But how do you make sure what they find and read:

• is of good quality,
• enhances their skills,
• will drive company goals.
• fits into their learning journey?

Membership benefits

Provide the tools for self directed learning

Autonomy and responsibility are strong drivers. Don’t let training happen to your employees, instead, give them the chance to own part of their learning journey.

A multitude of learning techniques

The LMW Hub offers a variety of tools to engage with all learning styles including informal, practical, bite-sized, video, audio, research, interviews, theory and much more.


For the price of sending one manager on a training course you can support all your people for a whole year.

Count on us

We’re here every step of the way, setting up profiles, offering team reports and working with you to ensure your team fully engages with the LMW Hub.

Thousands of managers from over 80 countries are already relying on LMW to boost their careers. Is your team ready to join them?

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