It’s Your Ship: Management Techniques from the Best Damn Ship in the Navy, by Captain Michael Abrashoff, is one of those books that stand apart from most others.

The basic premise is that Captain Abrashoff was able to take command of a U.S. Navy destroyer that was one of the worst performing ships in the fleet.  This particular ship was plagued with poor morale, and practically had a zero retention rate for the crew.  In fact, most of the crew wanted to be on a different ship by the point where Captain Abrashoff assumed command.  What transpired was a total reversal in the performance of the ship and the crew’s morale.  Within a year, this ship was not only improving, but was actually the top scoring ship in the fleet and had the highest retention rate.  What exactly happened to allow for such an improvement in such a short amount of time?

Filled with advice and tips that can be applied to many situations, It’s Your Ship is a management book classic.

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