We’ve heard of the ‘wisdom of bees‘, the best selling leadership book that highlights ‘what the hive can teach business about leadership, efficiency, and growth’, but here leadership writer, Kevin Parker wants to introduce us to the wisdom of wasps…

I read many years ago that bees are more intelligent than wasps.  Now this may not be true but it serves as an illustration of a valuable lesson.

The wasp adopts a random approach

Apparently if you put a wasp in an empty jar it will find its way out because it has no approach other than random – so eventually, by luck it finds its way out!

The bee has a more focused approach

Now a bee is apparently more focused. It ‘smells’ and focuses on its home. As a result it keeps banging into the glass around the same point until it wears itself out.

 So what is the lesson here?

Well focus is great, but it’s vital to learn too.

If you keep doing the same thing and getting the same results, then as Einstein says, “this is madness”. So, when you aren’t achieving your goals, be persistent yes, but also make sure you are not banging your head against a brick (or maybe glass) wall.

Kevin Parker

Kevin is a leading consultant, coach, mediator, facilitator and leads and designs leadership programmes. He is a Fellow of The Royal Society Of Arts and has been listed in the ‘Who’s Who of Britain’s Business Elite’.

He has a wealth of experience to bring to client issues as a result of working with some of the world’s best organisations, and also leading executives on best practice tours to a wide range of world-class companies in Japan, the USA, and Europe. He has written and contributed to a number of books and his latest book is called ‘Purple Monkeys! – A Leaders Practical Guide to Unleashing the Power Of Questions To Achieve Great Results’.

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